Special Economic Development Zone, customs destination in territorial delimitation with a special administration regime and a scheme of privileges and tax incentives to strengthen the productive development by establishing new investments


  • Attract new sustainable productive investments
  • Consolidate the supply and export of multimodal logistics services and improve the competitiveness of transport
  • Establish new regional development centres
  • Generate quality employment
  • Generate foreign currency for a healthier balance of payments


  • 5% Reduction of income tax
  • 0% VAT rate on import of capital goods and raw materials
  • VAT tax credit
  • Exemption from the duty on foreign goods entering such areas, for the performance of authorized processes, both for administrators and operators
  • Exemption from Tax on the Output of Foreign Currency for payments made abroad for repayment of principal and interest on loans and for payment of imports

The Yachay ZÉDÉ City of Knowledge is a geographical area defined within the national territory where conditions such as: preservation of the environment, territoriality, the potential of the town, road infrastructure, basic services, connection with other parts of the country, amongst others are considered. It was classified as a customs destination subject to special customs tax and financial treatment for foreign trade, New investments in the Yachay ZÉDÉ shall enjoy substantial incentives as stipulated in the Production Code.



Technological Zede

To undertake the transfer and breakdown of technology and innovation activities In these areas, all kinds of enterprises and technological, electronic innovation, biodiversity, sustainable environmental improvement or energy development projects can be undertaken.

Industrial Zede

For performing industrial diversification activities, which shall consist of all kinds of innovative industrial ventures, mainly focusing on the export of goods, with the use of quality employment. In such areas, all kinds of development activities, may be performed, such as: transformation, development (including: mounting, assembly and adaptation of other goods) and repair of goods (including restoration or reconditioning), all kinds of goods for the purpose of export and mainly strategic substitution imports.

Logistics Zédé:

To develop logistic services, such as: storage of loads for the purpose of consolidation and deconsolidation, classification, labelling, packaging, re-packaging, refrigeration, inventory management, handling of dry ports or, inland freight terminals, coordination of national or international goods distribution operations; as well as the maintenance or repair of ships, aircraft and vehicles for transportation of goods by road.