Yachay University



The YACHAY University of Experimental Technological Research shall enable the promotion of scientific research, the production and dissemination of knowledge supported by basic and applied research, development of human talent and the creation of national and international networks of knowledge, which shall ontribute proactively to strengthening social capacities and to the development of Ecuador. This new institution for Higher Education shall promote Dual Training so that the student can engage in two learning environments: the academic classroom and work at the company. In this way, the theoretical knowledge shall be developed in practice, where students learn from real problems and situations.

The University is the academic space destined for the generation of scientific research with the purpose of training the best human talent that can directly influence the strengthening of national industry, through the development of the main areas of knowledge identified as priorities in order for change to the productive matrix in Ecuador.


academic model filete

The Yachay academic model is based on the high standards of quality of its educational process allowing careers and academic programs to receive accreditation at international level.

The conceptual basis for development of the academic model for the University of Experimental Technological Research allows the creation of dynamics in which the student  is the protagonist of their own learning process.

  • World class development of science and engineering
  • Project-based learning
  • Multidisciplinary approach


The University of Experimental Technological Research shall feature courses in the five priority areas of knowledge from the National Plan for Good Living (Buen Vivir), these courses shall be focused on changing the productive matrix of the country and on solving problems in society.


The YACHAY University of Experimental Technological Research is part of the Public Higher Education Institutions and is intended to ensure equal opportunities, meritocracy, transparency and access to Higher Education. Entry to the Levelling process is:



The symbolic levelling is the first step that students must complete for official admission into the University of Experimental Technological Research. Currently, 174 students in 22 provinces in Ecuador are prepared to obtain a place on one of the courses offered by the new university.

The Levelling provides training in basic sciences: chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, logic, social sciences and English. For this purpose, the Faculty is comprised of 40 PhD: 18 in the area of science and, 22 masterclass seminars. In addition, there are nine experts teaching English language from Kansas State University.


Yachay University has the support of Kansas State University (KSU, for its acronym in English) of the United States of America for teaching the English language, with the aim of promoting training and development of national human talent. It also promotes the creation of programmes and projects that enable the exchange of students and teachers.

Coordination for granting of Scholarships

The scholarships consist of full or partial subsidies provided by a scholarships administering institution, for students and national professionals who demonstrate academic excellence, for undertaking higher education studies, training, improvement, professional training and research in the country or abroad, under the on campus method.

National Scholarships – Ecuadorian Institute of Educational Credit and Scholarships (IECE) 

  • Beneficiaries of the Human Development Bond
  • Careers in Public Interest
  • High Performance Group (GAR)
  • Territorial Mobility
  • Peoples and Nationalities
  • High Performance Athletes
  • People with disabilities
  • National Heroes and Heroines
  • Solidarity


The Yachay University Campus, during Levelling, has student halls of residence, classrooms, library; student dining room; recreational areas, amongst other services. In addition, it offers various services such as:

  • Doctor’s surgery
  • Free WiFi
  • Copying and scanning centre
  • Cafeteria
  • Micro market
  • ATM
  • Laundries
  • Recreational areas
  • Cantonal transport


The Public Company YACHAY EP, by way of the National Assembly on December 16, 2013 approves by Decree the creation of the University which comprises the hub of the Yachay City of Knowledge.statute-yachay-boton