Urban Planning



The Yachay City of Knowledge is built based on urban planning tools that allow for orderly and controlled growth of the city whilst retaining harmony with the landscape and the surrounding environment.

The spatial planning, urban design, governance, marketing strategy and interaction with the National System of Innovation guide the operational process of the city.


The basis for planning is the human being.

Transect: urban planning tool which distributes all the buildings in an orderly manner, from the rural environment to urban centres, offering a range of activities at each level of urban intensity

Morphological Code: methodology for control of urban form, offers administrators and architects a guide to appropriate and aesthetic integration into the urban landscape, based on simple rules of urban architectural design.

Placemaking: is the key factor in the design of public spaces in terms of participatory planning and management. It aims for an inspiring environment that promotes the intensive use of public space, the welfare and health of citizens in accordance with the principles of Good Living (Buen Vivir)



In a single city four sectors shall be found each identified by its functions and purposes. The first and the one with which construction works begin, is the knowledge sector, which constitutes the main urban area and the University is its center.

The industrial technology sector is the productive zone related to the innovation system and the new demands of the economy helping to change the productive matrix. Facilities for industry shall include connections to major roads and a complete logistics platform.

Experimental agriculture and the development of projects related to biotechnology in the agricultural sector shall promote the benefits of the area within the agriculture and biotechnology sector.

The fourth sector is related to tourism and culture, formulated to enhance tourism and entertainment activities throughout the entire city, for a sustainable lifestyle, complemented with tourism centres in the natural landscape.


Yachay, the first planned city in the country has a master plan that states the design and implementation of services within the city, this plan, developed by the Korean team of IFEZ with Ecuadorian technical review, contains information regarding:

  • Metropolitan Plan
  • Development, conceptualization, and urban plan
  • Land usage study
  • Mobility plan
  • Water treatment and supply plan
  • Plan for green areas and recreation areas
  • Plan for environmental, energy and recycling management
  • Model Administration Plan


Yachay is a city of multiple exchanges that revolves around knowledge, research and production; to run a city like this, an action plan that will guide the design and implementation of neighbourhoods, buildings, landscapes and infrastructures of YACHAY city is required.

To achieve this goal there was an academic meeting called Think Tank Yachay with urbanism experts, an event that through working groups on analysis and intensive design project proposals, consultations, amongst other activities, determined a work guide that shall be added to the Action Plan for the construction of the City of Knowledge.

Think Tank Yachay is a network of national and international professionals which aims to reflect on the process of conceptualization, design and implementation of ideas and the master plan for the Yachay City of Knowledge.




The discussion was focused on five themed working groups who worked on comments, suggestions and recommendations with regards to the progress of the project in:

  • Urban ecology
  • Civic integration
  • Urban and regional mobility
  • Urban form
  • Land management