R & D Research and Development Institutes



The Yachay City of Knowledge is an innovation system based on the interaction between academia, industry and government agencies. Within this, research and development institutes shall be established which shall constitute regional and continental state of the art centres, ensuring productive synergy to strengthen research, development and innovation.

The integration of these shall strengthen knowledge transfer and the economic development of Ecuador and its competitiveness in the region to establish specific lines of research, linked to troubleshooting national problems and the creation of productive entrepreneurship.



-Instituto Nacional de la Biodiversidad (INBIO)

-Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública e Investigación (INSPI)


These are spaces for productive development the aim of which is to generate resources through the creation of research, but above all innovation of the enterprises that are contained within.

Scientific and technological parks stimulate and manage the transfer of technology and knowledge between the academic, business, and productive sector together with other R & D institutions generating the same, giving priority to the creation and growth of emerging businesses.

Yachay Technology Park shall be a space within the City of Knowledge, which shall feature high-quality facilities intended to stimulate and manage the development of knowledge and technology and the flow of such between universities and research institutions, companies and markets.

This interaction shall foster the creation and growth of innovative businesses through mechanisms of pre-inception, inception, spin-offs and other value-added services.

In addition, this space shall feature services  such as coffee shops, security, meeting and training rooms, banks, post office, entertainment and sports, and advanced telecommunications infrastructure services to enable research, development and innovation (R + D + I).

Furthermore, advice, information and investment and logistics services shall be established to strengthen activities in research, entrepreneurship and innovation within the technology park.