Productive Development and Conversion



The strategy of productive conversion of Yachay is the starting point for a constant improvement in productivity and systematic competitiveness, promoting and making the agro productive development of the influential zone feasible, through scientific research, knowledge and good agro productive practices applied to value-added technical production, which would promote import substitution, economic inclusion and improvement to the life of the people.

Currently Yachay is working on some projects with other institutions.

  1. Joint Implementation of the first Centre for Genetic Research and Development of Cattle and Transfer of Technology with the Asociación de Ganaderos de la Sierra y el Oriente – AGSO [Ranchers Association of la Sierra and the East]
  2. Implementation of the Productive Unit of Alfalfa, in partnership with the company MASTERCUBOX S.A., to promote the generation of technology transfer and innovation processes in the productive chain, incorporating the environmental component into the activities in question, in the influential zone of the City of Knowledge “YACHAY”.
  3. Implementation of the Production Unit of Sugar Cane, in partnership with the Northern Sugar Cane Mill – IANCEM., which promotes the generation of production process technology with added value in order to exploit and increase local productivity.
  4. Restoration of the “Hoja  Blanca” station located in the middle of the “Freedom Train” route in the middle of the Ibarra – Salinas stretch, in order to take advantage of the tourism potential, to promote endogenous development and strengthen the comprehensive strategy of tourism in the influential zone.