Integral System of Education


  yachay sistem of edutation  Yachay proposes establishing an integral system of education, which takes into account the entire life cycle and incorporates the methodological processes necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence

This is a comprehensive care unit responsible for promoting the development of girls and boys aged 12 to 36 months in the Urcuquí canton and the area of Yachay through programs that include actions of preventive health, sustainable food and education.centro-infantil-buen-vuvur-filete

The development of the children in this CIBV unit focuses on the teaching of language, art and psychomotor development and shall have family support and commitment, shared responsibility with the community and shall be shared with other educational and governmental institutions for the defense and promotion of children’s rights and interculturality.

Yachay CIBV  shall have outside areas for recreation and children’s leisure development and inside areas with teaching materials and furniture that shall enhance the characteristics of each group depending on their age.


The UEEY [Yachay Experimental Education Unit] is a public educational institution, of a high level experimental nature, based on innovative technical, pedagogical and administrative concepts, as a reference for the new education and preparation for the public science in the country.

Some of its objectives are

  • To provide a quality education and enthusiasm to the population of the Yachay area and the Urcuquí Canton.
  • To improve schooling conditions, access to education, and its coverage in influential areas.
  • To develop an education model and preparation for science to meet local and national needs.


The Yachay City of Knowledge planned the creation of a Technical Institute of Technology with the necessary educational equipment  to serve as an extension of the Institute which shall be built in Ibarra, in order to supply the current and future needs of Urcuquí and Yachay.

The first Courses to be implemented are:

  • Plastics
  • Chemistry
  • Development of Software

Selection for the 3 courses is planned for March 2014, and in October of the same year the first level of studies shall commence with 90 students.

Future courses to be implemented are:

  • Food
  • Biotechnology.
  • Bio-fuels
  • Oil
  • Petrochemistry

The Technical Institute of Technology, with the aim of guaranteeing the integral training process, shall promote Dual Training. That is to say, the student may engage in two learning environments: the academic one in the classroom and work experience with a company, so that the skills are developed in practice, where students can learn from real problems and situations.



The creation of the YACHAY University of Experimental Technological Research shall enable the promotion of scientific research, the production and dissemination of knowledge supported by basic and applied research, development of human talent and the creation of national and international networks of knowledge, which shall proactively contribute to strengthening social capacities and to the development of Ecuador and the region.

The University is the academic space destined for the generation of scientific research with the purpose of training the best human talent that can directly influence the strengthening of national industry, through the development of the main areas of knowledge identified as priorities in order for a change to the productive matrix in Ecuador.