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Urcuqui just like the province of Imbabura has a history which chronicles the world view of the pre-Hispanic world with worship and respect for the land. Its pre-Hispanic architecture and the importance that it had for the area with the installation of the first sugar mill in the north of the country managed to boost its economy.

Yachay, a model city for Good Living (Buen Vivir) spawns from the principle of respect for heritage, culture and the natural and historic landscape; that is why, the rescue and restoration of the architecture of the site, which had been left abandoned, is a key a factor of the new city.



One of the most important elements considered in the planning of the YACHAY University of Experimental Technological Research was the creation of a specialized infrastructure to serve the high specialty programs that arise.

A symbolic workand the first to be built within the city is the University, work which relates to the medium and long term planning, which will in turn be anchored to the stages of development identified in the Yachay Master Plan.

The following components have been considered for the construction of the University:

  • Having appropriate property and architectural studies
  • Promoting restoration and suitability of assets that will serve as a platform for the launch of the first stage of the University
  • Implementing civil works for road, water and sanitization infrastructure to dispense public services to the University
  • Implementing the works for campus equipment and operational facilities
  • Laboratories shall have ‘smart’ infrastructure, interconnected communication networks, high efficiency power distribution and telecommunications systems with air conditioning, continuous power supply and emergency load properties, treatment and conditioning areas, metrology and basic experimentation teams, and administrative offices.